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Direct-to-Customer Fulfilment

D2C Commerce is an e-commerce phenomenon when manufacturers have thorough control of creating, marketing and selling their products directly to their customers via digital channels. Our D2C Commerce partners helps in reaching maximum number of customers delivering the reliable DRC services and the efficient delivery solutions.

Grow and optimize your D2C business leveraging our best-in-class D2C E-commerce marketing services. Our robust D2C services makes sure that customers get faster delivery through automated operations maintaining authentication.

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D2C Commerce Features

Building D2C commerce experiences that drives more customers and uplifting business conversions

Absolute Control

The D2C commerce infrastructure gives the manufacturer entire ownership on the tasks like brand messaging, price point of products and delivery procedures and others.

Direct Customer Access

With D2C E-Commerce marketing, retailers can directly connect with their customers, knowing more about them their purchasing preferences and buying behaviours. This accelerates customer engagement and retention.

Higher Margins

The middlemen are eliminated from the picture in D2C E-Commerce marketing. The retailers tend to earn profits that otherwise middlemen would have saved. So, the brand owners earn great margins doing D2C E-Commerce selling.

Sell to anyone, anywhere

D2C Model doesn’t rely on the third-party distributors for selling processes. Customers can have access to the D2C E-Commerce products anywhere anytime.


Retailers can get in touch with customers directly through D2C marketing, which helps them assess their purchase preferences. Therefore, it's a great model if clients ask for customised purchasing experiences.

Social Commerce

By integrating D2C marketing into an eCommerce store, brand owners get a chance to advertise and market their products anywhere and increase sales.

Benefits of D2C Commerce for business
  • Improves Sales Experiences: D2C selling helps in gaining direct insights to end user’s buying habits and preferences which helps manufacturers to improvise the selling processes.
  • Reduced costs: D2C Commerce does not involve intermediary costs as it is a direct selling process. So, overall customer acquisition and middleman costs are reduced for undertaking D2C selling.
  • Expand Brand Outreach: D2C E-Commerce selling spreads brand prevalence nationally and internationally that helps in outreaching mass customers.
  • Higher Customer Lifetime value: When you have middlemen, CLV is lower because manufacturers indirectly sell to their end users. But D2C raises CLV bar as it helps in knowing customers better thus retaining them for lifetime.
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At RVS Media, we give the very best to our clients and help them achieve their business goals. Check out what our clients have to say about us.


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