Revenue-generating B2C eCommerce

Business-to-consumer commerce allows you to corner the market in the retail model by providing a direct impression to buyers and earning commendable revenue.

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Unrivalled B2C eCommerce platform To Boost Your Business

Undoubtedly, online web store overcomes traditional ones in alluring excessive buyers. It even cut operational and infrastructure costs with its feasible operating system. Your website needs proper CTAs options along with impressive designs.

Further, B2C simply signifies the business transaction model where consumers directly receive products or services. B2C business platforms consist of retail stores, small entrepreneurs and medical clinics to visualise them to a larger audience. The professional development team of RVS Media use customised web solutions to make your commerce website impressive and responsive with up-to-date functionalities.

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How can B2C E-commerce Features Benefit Your Company?

B2C website design provides you with a flexible platform that can adjust quickly as per customer needs without causing any delay. You can go for a hybrid approach or omnichannel eCommerce approach to widen up your business with the following successful key features.

Low Cost

The B2C online platform cut down all the additional costs related to operations and brick-and-mortar infrastructure. Also, it saves small expenses of physical presentation.


It allows you to design your site to directly meet customer segments and target audiences by making a personalised setting that fits best with your business.

Global Impact

An effective way to reach a larger target audience. B2C web design offers the potential to expand your product or service using globalised marketing campaigns.

Frequent sale cycles

The 24-hour business-consumer model or regular interaction with customers enhance the sale cycle of your eCommerce retail point. Moreover, it eases the shopping experience with mobile accessibility.

Customer-focused approachLow Cost

B2C provides your business complete control over user experiences to enhance selling and customer loyalty. The customer data allows you to understand user preferences.

Immediate Results

The regular dramatic increase in demand and sales in B2C companies depicts fruitful outcomes in a short time period.

Architectural Model in B2C eCommerce

Business to consumer eCommerce model implies the direct marketing of products or services to the end users by the company. Let’s dive into the types of models.

Direct-supplier Model

In this very common business website, a supplier promotes its e-store based on its products and consumers' preference. A customised product catalogue adds to the shopping experience.

Online Intermediaries B2C

The in-between ties up that do not directly provide products or services but connect with buyers and sellers. The whole process runs online using a B2C web portal.

Advertisement-based Model

This approach of the B2C advertising model leverages a high volume of web traffic to sell products or services. Use high-quality content to allure visitors to the e-store.

B2C Commerce: favourable approach

Online retail sale is expanding continuously as compared to the traditional UK market. This increase in shopping will lead to mobile devices and easy operational modes. Retailers continue to update B2C website design and invest in the latest technology to improve the user experience.

Projections report during a survey in the UK depicts the one-third increment in the total online retail sales till 2022. Even emerging markets affect some share of online sales, yet it provides scalable outcomes.


Expand market size by 9.7% from 2021 to 2028


Revenue accounted for in textile and footwear by 4.56% in 2027


B2C global sales of 52 trillion pounds is expected by 2024.

Why Choose us as a B2C eCommerce Company?

The professionals of a leading RVS Media are equipped with the latest techniques and tools to give impressive exposure to B2C products on the e-store. Even we use online analytic tool gather data and enhance individual’s shopping experience. We follow all the B2C design guidelines and strategies, which are as mentioned below, to fill up your sales funnel.

  • We use the latest technology and designs to create a business-consumer website that attracts customers, and visuals of products increase the chances of conversions.
  • Run your e-store 24/7 to elevate the consumer's shopping experience and save their time visiting brick-and-mortar stores. Direct order placement by customers further leads to higher revenue.
  • The extensive digital product catalogue shows the wide variety provided by your company. It even makes the visibility, selection, ad purchasing of products easier for the visitor on a small scale.
  • Your online web store is always open for customers to place an order that directly leads to higher revenue.
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Till date, we have constructed numerous Adobe Commerce platforms for various E-Commerce web stores. Once you avail our expert Adobe development services in London, there would be no turning back.
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At RVS Media, we give the very best to our clients and help them achieve their business goals. Check out what our clients have to say about us.


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