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In business-to-business electronic commerce, you can measure and evaluate marketing campaigns, inventory shifts, sales effectiveness and customer management with expert developers’ guidance and their effective strategies.

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Personalised B2B eCommerce Solutions to Hit the Jackpot

In simple words, the term signifies the direct connection between businesses’ product selling and service-providing solutions. You can use a company website either as an extranet for customers and registered site users or as an intranet. In fact, the B2B industry is more about connecting with several businesses to build healthy and long-term relationships under recent costs. Revenue comes along when personalised approaches will use in the right direction. So, save B2B merchant money and time with B2B eCommerce solutions!

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How is B2B eCommerce profitable for businesses?

The wholesale commerce website opens the door for collaboration with other businesses and adds value to your business by generating more sales. Take a clear view of the benefits of B2B eCommerce below.

Minimise Marketing Costs

Save your advertising budget compared to DTC (direct-to-consumer) with personalised B2B marketing approaches. Even resellers continue the promotions of your brand.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Engage business buyers to promote your business more actively than brick-and-mortar retail locations. The B2B platform introduces sellers to the mass market.

Higher Order volume

B2B eCommerce platform allows high frequency in the purchase. A streamlined online order processing on your site makes self-service easy for buyers.

Predictable revenue

The B2B eCommerce platform helps make repeat buyers. The loyalty of long-term clients creates predictable returns for your business, even in downtimes.

Reduce Operational Expenses

The bulk orders demand lower operational costs as compared to selling individually. Self-serving options on the site reduce manual efforts and delays in accepting orders.

Time-saving Approach

Moving B2B business online automates workflows and reduces human error. Even it fulfils shipments correctly at a fast pace to save time without any manual help.

B2B Integrations to Experience the Fluency

Our expert B2B eCommerce team empowers your business with valuable and useful integrations to set up your sales infrastructure. We develop your site with a secure and scalable omnichannel sales point. The integrations we use are:

  • Content Management System /CMS/
  • Supply Chain Management /SCM/
  • Customer Relationship Management /CRM/
  • Enterprise Resource Planning /ERP/
  • Warehouse Management Systems /WMS/
  • Product Information Management /PIM/

However, the primary focus is on business preferences and automated operations leading to growth. It not only saves your time but improves the selling and buying experience. We are here to provide you with the following beneficial solutions.

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Architectural Model in B2B eCommerce
The B2B e-commerce site designs are based on the requirement of a distinct supply chain, as mentioned below, to offer unparalleled flexibility and seamless experience.


The distributor B2B portal can understand your business model and distribute the product or services to the largest marketing channels. Even distributors will manage the promotions of your business on your behalf.


The B2B Manufacturers can use their web portal as a manufacturer or supplier. As a primary source, suppliers sell products and services on a large scale to distributors, wholesalers, or individual customers via an eCommerce site.


The B2B wholesaler platform allows wholesalers to access suppliers and distributors for bulk purchasing. Further, the retailer can make a profit by reaching out to the right wholesalers using an online platform.

B2B Commerce: fastest growing approach

The transformations in the eCommerce world over the last decade depict the beneficial conversions in businesses. Undoubtedly, the rapid growth of B2B commerce is possible with a team of professionals and adequate strategies.

Nowadays, the trend of B2B commerce (as shown in research) has taken off with a proportion of 65% in online selling. The given research facts show its expansion in the global market and competitive landscape in the coming years.


of B2B buyers' purchases witnessed online portal (past)


of B2B companies already selling online using the web portal (present)


estimated B2B sales generated digitally. (future)


eCommerce growth visible in 2021 (past)

Make A Right Choice!

VS Media know-it-all B2B eCommerce and help you through the thick and thin of setting up your business online. We understand the demand of your business and offer you solutions accordingly. A few features are as follows that guide you in making the smart choice to run your business.

  • B2B eCommerce, along with ERP-driven integration, can remove duplicate data and reduce operational costs.
  • We add up-to-date and accurate information on the B2B platform to engage web store visitors. The product and complex pricing data are according to real-time and registered to the ERP system to work efficiently.
  • Using our best B2B integrated approach, we manage everything from product information to simplify the order process. It includes aligning inventory data, fulfilling track systems and operating complex shipping modes.
  • Run your business 24/7 with a self-service B2B eCommerce portal. Your online web store is always open for business-customers to place an order that directly leads to higher revenue.
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At RVS Media, we give the very best to our clients and help them achieve their business goals. Check out what our clients have to say about us.


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