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Simplify B2B Commerce

Adobe Commerce is launched to transform the Adobe B2B industry in terms of functionality. The complete range of indigenous B2B features along with deployment enhancements, advanced reporting and better performance are the major shifts undertaken. Basically, it is a one-step forward to take your B2B web store to another level.

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B2B suite provides you with the tools and powerful workflows that can empower your already existing B2B eCommerce store and transform it into a grand business. B2B suite can skyrocket the conversions of your eCommerce store with its amazing features like robust product ordering matrix, tools and workflows that represent sales, credit limit, customized pricing and many more.

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Services of Adobe B2B E-commerce
Growth & Performance

Numerous products and customers can be easily managed on this platform.

Trusted by Leading Brands

More than 25,000 online merchants rely on Adobe Commerce for its secure and engaging user experience.

Flexible & Enhanced

The advanced API and third-party integration of Adobe are way more straightforward. It gives you fast and affordable access to around 10,000 extensions and enhancements.


Adobe makes it easier to integrate it straightforward and seamless to integrate into your back office and ERP systems.

Responsive Design & Development

16% of customers visit B2B websites from their mobiles. The figure describes the importance of responsiveness. More engaging and easy to use websites drive more conversions.

Beautiful, Easy to use Admin

The Adobe dashboards are easy to use as never before. It enables the admin to spend more time on the dashboard and grow their business.

Super charge your store
We make sure to tweak the extensively customisable CMS platform and create responsive designs for our clients.
Restricted Access
  • Limited access to the B2B portal
  • Customer dedicated login page
  • Approval required for a new account
  • Auto notification to user and admin
  • Dashboard for trade customer
Credit Allowance
  • Offline payment methods
  • Credit limit amounts
  • Automatically updating credit
  • Up to 30-days credit limit
  • Cheques and money orders accepted
Friction-free purchasing
  • Quick order by SKU/CSV
  • Quick Reorder
  • Custom catalogues
  • Requisitions lists
  • Instant purchase
Customer Assisted Sales
  • Integrated workflow for quoting
  • Easy customer quote requests
  • Track quotes online
  • Deliver personalized experiences
  • Customer assisted shopping
Wide range of B2B functionalaties

Adobe B2B is equipped with the right tools to cater to your shoppers.

  • Multiple Buyers Per Account
  • Customer specific Catalog
  • Quick Order
  • Bulk and product re-ordering
  • Site Managing
  • Buyer Dashboards
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Cross Channel Management
  • Credit Limits, Payment Terms, Bill Pay
  • Support Multiple Warehouses
Adobe B2B FAQ's

B2B e-commerce gives the facility to sell goods or services between businesses via an online sales portal. B2B businesses come in multiple shapes and sizes and offer you the support of different levels of complexity. Features like bulk discounts, flexible payments, One-Click Reorder, Tax Exemption, and more are linked to this type of business.

Without any doubt, the benefits of bringing your business online are endless. From better sales management to enhancing the reach to more profits, there are many points. It saves your time, money as well as efforts. You get to enjoy advanced security and get large orders from buyers across the globe. Plus, there are many customisation options to appeal to a broad variety of businesses.

B2B e-commerce platform offers you the facility of selling a vast range of products. Anything in demand, you can sell it on your e-commerce platform. From construction material to food and beverages to fashion, you can enjoy selling anything and everything unless it comes under legal obligations. Products like Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Items come in a restrictive category. Rest, you can check out the list of products that you should not sell.

One of the most amazing things linked to B2B business is that you can enjoy the ease of different payment options. This includes options like invoicing, Purchase Orders, or checks. Compared to the B2C business that only offers few options like credit card and PayPal, B2B is more diverse in this field. This makes the whole shopping experience more convenient for buyers.

B2B stands for Business to Business whereas B2C stands for Business to Customers. To understand this concept in detail, you just need to consider who is selling to whom. In B2C, the general public is targeted whereas in B2B sellers don’t follow the same linear path. To understand this concept in a better way, B2B retailers of medical supplies sell their products to labs, private clinics, and more. So in that manner, it is business to business transaction. The person at the private clinic will sell that product to consumers, leading to B2C transactions.

Yes, challenges do come along with the multiple benefits of the B2B business. The most basic challenge linked to this is you can’t give the real-time demonstration of products to viewers. Other than that, managing the pricing logic and different types of products under one parent company is also a little complicated.

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Till date, we have constructed numerous Adobe Commerce platforms for various E-Commerce web stores. Once you avail our expert Adobe development services in London, there would be no turning back.
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At RVS Media, we give the very best to our clients and help them achieve their business goals. Check out what our clients have to say about us.


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